Four Signs You Need Cataract Surgery

Cataracts occur when eye proteins break down and merge in the eye lenses. With time, the protein clumping may become extensive, hence blocking or distorting your vision. Cataract formation is high among elderly adults. Additionally, smoking, failure to wear sunglasses, and steroids are some lifestyle behaviors that increase the risk of cataract formation. Remember that you need to protect your sight if you want to drive, read, and carry out daily errands independently. Therefore, you may require cataract surgery to restore your vision. Here are the signs that you need cataract surgery.

1. Difficulty Driving During the Night

Driving when you have cataracts can be difficult because your vision may be blurry. You may be unable to see oncoming cars or objects on the road. Hence, the chances are that you may cause an accident that can result in injuries or your vehicle's destruction. In addition, the vision becomes worse at night, and you may not see through the darkness. For this reason, you may have to depend on friends or family members to drive your car. Fortunately, cataract surgery can help restore your eyesight, and you can become independent once more.

2. Difficulty Distinguishing Color

Cataracts can interfere with the way your eyes perceive color. Usually, vibrant colors may appear brown or faded. Additionally, the white color may appear yellow or tinted. With such vision, you may experience difficulty distinguishing colors, and the condition may worsen as the cataracts advance. And such deteriorating eyesight can interfere with your hobbies. For instance, watching movies, cooking, and painting may become boring since you can't see objects clearly or the colors. Cataract surgery can help solve your eyesight problems, and you can appreciate the beautiful colors around you and your hobbies.

3. Difficulty Performing Up Close Tasks

Cataracts form gradually, and you may notice their presence with age when your vision starts becoming blurry. If you're finding it difficult to read, sew, or use your phone, the chances are that the cataract formation is extensive. Therefore, you may need cataract surgery to restore clear sight.

4. Frequent Eye Prescription Changes

As you age, it's normal for your optometrist to change prescriptions for your eyeglasses or lenses. However, if the frequency increases more than usual, you may be having cataracts, and contact lenses or glasses may no longer work. You may require cataract surgery to solve your eye problems permanently.

Signs of cataract surgery include frequent eye prescription changes and difficulty doing up-close tasks, driving at night, and distinguishing color. If you experience these signs, consider getting cataract surgery to restore your vision.