Some Things You Need To Know About Lasik Surgery

Many people wonder if Lasik is right for them. If you have worn contacts or glasses your entire life, you are probably anxious to be free of vision correction devices and are ready to have your freedom back. Lasik is a simple and very desirable procedure. Here are some things that you need to know about Lasik.

1. Pre-Exam To Determine If You Are A Candidate

Unfortunately, not everyone with poor eyesight will be a candidate for Lasik. Lasik uses a laser to shave off parts of the cornea to correct the eye. This means that in order to get the surgery, your cornea has to be healthy enough to sustain the laser. Usually if you have damaged your cornea in some way, you will not be a candidate.

In addition, some people have farsighted eyesight. This cannot be corrected as easily through simple Lasik, and they may need a different procedure to help them find relief.

Consequently, if you have healthy corneas, if you are nearsighted, and if your eyes are generally healthy, then you might be an ideal candidate for Lasik. Talk with a surgeon to get a pre-exam and see what your chances are like.

2. The Surgery Takes Only Minutes To Perform

The actual surgery of Lasik is incredibly simple. You will have a medication put in the eyes that will numb them, but you will stay awake for the whole procedure in most cases. The laser is only put over your eyes for a matter of minutes, and then you are finished. Most people say that they experienced no pain or discomfort during the procedure and that is was quick and easy.

3. The Healing Time Is Minimal

After the procedure, the healing time is very minimal. You will use bandages over your eyes for a short period of time directly following the surgery. After the bandages have been removed, you can resume your normal activities for the most part. You may need to use lubricating eye drops since many people experience dry eyes, and you should avoid wearing makeup or things around your eyes that could irritate them. Many people choose to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from light since they may be sensitive following the surgery. But in general, you should be able to resume normal activities after the surgery.

As you can see, Lasik is a simple and effective procedure, which is why so many people choose to get it.

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