4 Ways To Get Your Child To Actually Wear Their Glasses

If your child has recently been prescribed a pair of glasses, you might be having difficulty getting them to actually wear them. Kids can skip wearing their glasses for a wide variety of reasons, but children who can't see well in school are more likely to perform poorly in class. It's really important for your child to wear their glasses, so try these tips to get them to do so.

Prevent Bullying

Your child may be feeling self-conscious because glasses make them stand out from their classmates or someone is actively bullying them. Take some time to talk with your child's teachers to find out if there's any kind of bullying activity going on. If so, work with your child's teachers to find a solution to prevent this kind of bullying, and make sure that the students involved are disciplined accordingly.

Buy an Extra Pair for Backpacks

There's every possibility that your child is simply forgetful to bring their new daily addition to school with them. If your child frequently forgets their glasses at home, consider buying a second pair and putting it in their backpack. If they get to class and realize they've forgotten their glasses, they'll have a backup pair waiting for them. The backup pair can also be helpful if their glasses get lost or damaged at school.

Wear Your Own in Solidarity

If you're part of the 75% of the adult population in the world who needs some kind of vision correction, show your kid that they're not alone by wearing your glasses, too. While adults have more options in vision correction, like contacts and laser eye surgery, seeing you wear glasses may help your child to feel like they're included in something that grown-ups do.

Introduce to The Heroes Who Rely On Glasses

It can't hurt to reinforce the positive images of wearing glasses to your child, whether they feel self-conscious or not. Consider introducing them to media characters like Harry Potter, Superman, or Sailor Mercury. These characters need glasses either for very normal reasons, like correcting Harry Potter's vision, or more cool ways, like hiding Superman's secret identity, or scanning enemy weaknesses like Sailor Mercury. In any case, these powerful heroes are all aided by their glasses, rather than hindered by them, and they might make your kid feel like they're part of a cool club rather than feeling like the odd one out.

Glasses can help your child to do better in school and live life to the fullest, but only if they're actually worn! These tips will help your child to wear glasses more willingly, and not feel stigmatized because of them. For further assistance, contact a local optometrist, such as one from Linden Optometry PC